Olympiakos Penalized For The Offence Of Pitch Invasion In A Match Played Against Milan

The club of Olympiakos was recently penalized for a huge amount of 90 thousand Euros following trouble by the crowd present in its match which was held in the Europa League against the club of AC Milan in the last month. UEFA sanctioned the side of Greek on the last Friday over the offense of pitch invasion, blocked stairways, and the ridiculous activity of setting-off of some fireworks on and off the field during a match in which the club defeated Milan on 13th of December, held at the Piraeus.

Olympiakos will be playing its next match at the home behind the doors which will be closed; however, this was banned for a “period of probation” for a time duration of 2 years. The Reds will be facing Dinamo Kiev for forthcoming Round of 32 which will be held in the next month. The coach of Milan named Gennaro Gattuso has suggested after the match that the club of Olympiakos threw some additional balls over the pitch of the stadium and he also mentioned it as a “strange noise of trumpet”, although he made it very clear that this incidence cannot be an excuse for the defeat of Italians. And he said that they lost the match because of the performance of the side and there wasn’t any other reason for the loss. Milan was also penalized 5 thousand Euros after some fans of Milan set off crackers in the stadium.

The football fraternity condemned such incidences and rated them as unsocial and uncivilized. Many of them said that these types of incidences ultimately cost the club more than the fans. And if we want to maintain the sanctity of the game, then such things should be avoided.