Giorgios And The Role He Played For Greece

As the Euros are usually held about the same time every year, it is easy to reminisce the kind of games that were witnessed years back among the participating countries.

For instance, on June 12th in 2004 Portugal had been a host to an opening match and their opponent team was in Greece. The latter had qualified for World Cup and Euros only once every time and after that they had been unable to win a game. As a result the hosts were confident about the game.

However, the Greek team had been shaped by Big Phil Scolari, who had won the World Cup in his playing days. He had devised wily strategies for the team. He came with 30 years of experience of having managed a team like Germany. The team started off to play as a defensive unit that was superbly organized. Greece warmed up in the opening seven minutes of the game and they easily took up the lead.

Here Giorgos Karagounis was also present, being part of the team, having come on board as a midfielder from Inter. When he passed the ball from Paulo Ferreira, who had joined the team from Chelsea, it was the chance that Giorgos needed. He was able to lope forward and popped it into the goal post from a distance of 25 yards.

Indeed, the team did not play only defensive and they pushed forward as well. In that game Portugal came across as sloppy. During the half time Karagounis took the seat so that Kostas Katsouranis could play. There were other replacements that made players like Ronaldo and Deco frustrated in their attempts. In that tournament, Portugal met Greece again in the finals. With players like Karagounis they were able to secure a win which brought glory to the country.

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