Giorgos Karagounis Finds Wales Performance Commendable

Not every team has been able to hold onto their days of former glory and one such team is Greece.

Giorgos Karagounis feels that teams like Wales have the belief and the confidence that Greece had back in 2004. It was quite some time that Greece was able to win a tournament like Euros. This was about 12 years back. Being a midfielder, he was part of the winning team and he feels that the team had the confidence and the belief in their skills and strategies which helped them through the win.

The team has stunned the world when they lifted the trophy that year. The team had been nicknamed the Pirate Ship as it was an unknown opponent on the field who had captured the tournament that year. Everyone saw the Lisbon city becoming a Greek colony as that year saw the fans in Portugal as well as in Athens rejoicing and singing praises of the team. The way the Wales are playing in 2016 reminds Giorgos of the way their team played in Greece.

Both the countries do not hold much of history in the tournament. Greece has suffered humiliating defeats in many instances and the same even holds for Wales. However, both teams had won the opening games and gotten through the group rounds. They have become favorites in the quarter finals. Giorgos reminisces about the time when he had been part of the winning team of Greece and they had triumphed over the Portugal team. At that time the team had become an inspiration for the fan as well as footballers started to be pragmatic as well as their managers. That is a large learning experience that can be shared even today with the present generation and kids can learn about how the team played and how they achieved their victory.