In spite of a managerial change, Olympiakos still sealed their 7th successive title

 On March 6 of 2017, Olympiakos decided to sack Paulo Bento from his managerial position in the Greek club which was a very surprising thing to see as the Portuguese coach was able to push Olympiakos to the top of the Greece Superleague.

Prior to the sacking of Paulo Bento, there was another manager from that very same club that was removed from his coaching position in the same season and it was Victor Sanchez.

This means that Olympiakos had switched their head coach at least twice in the season of 2016-17 but it made little to no difference at all in relation to their campaign as the Greek still managed to come out on top and lift their 44th league title which is amazing and shows just how much of a dominance that Olympiakos has had.

“It has been a strange season but in the end we’re the champions and that’s what matters. I have had little time with them but if I managed to change something maybe it was the atmosphere in the dressing room and we managed to hold on to the title, now we have to try and win the Greek Cup as well.” This was the statement released by the current head coach of OlympiakosTakisLemonis.

In terms of the Greek Superleague, TakisLemonis coached Olympiakos through 5 matches and he was able to secure 4 triumphs while settling with 1 draw. Even though it has been an extremely short period of time, TakisLemonis might be leaving already as his contract only lasted until the end of the 2016-17 season and since it has ended and Olympiakos has lifted their 7th consecutive title, the club has to decide on whether or not to offer a contract extension or have yet another change of managers.