Fernando Santos guided the Greek national football team to the Round of 16 which was the furthest that the squad had reached in their history. Greece faced off with Costa Rica and ultimately lost on a penalty shoot-out.

Despite having made it so far, the contract of Santos expired the next day of his team’s elimination and no contract extension was made as he was released from his position in the team.

It was confirmed a few days ago that Claudio Ranieri was chosen to be the man to succeed and replace Fernando Santos. (It is always nice to remember how good a job he did at Chelsea before the money started rolling in.)

Claudio Ranieri has already coached top clubs around the world such as: Juventus, As.Roma, Athletic Madrid, Inter Milan, Valencia, and Chelsea just to name a few.

Ranieri signed a 2 year contract that will see him be in charge of the squad during the 2016 European Championship with the team located in Group F where they have to play against Hungary, Romania, Findland, Northern Ireland and the Faeroe Islands.

The 62 year old tactician Claudio Ranieri expressed how impressed he was when watching Greece play in the 2014 World Cup as he spoke to the media and said:

“They had a good run and I liked their spirit. “For me there is no need to make many changes in the spine of the squad, but we’ll see that more clearly when we are able to evaluate all the players. I saw the team in the World Cup; they progressed well and Ireally liked the spirit and organization they displayed. I want to continue this hard work ethic.”

This is the first time that Ranieri will be in charge of a national football team but having been in charge of some of the major clubs around the world is expected to help him in this new journey and challenges that will be awaiting him.