giorgioskaragounis did not finish in good terms with the Greek national team

GiorgiosKaragounishas played a huge role for the Greece national football team as he’s the most capped player in the history of the national side and the Karagounis was a key figure in the European Championship that Greece won back in the 2004 Euro’s. His importance and influence in the team was so evident that he became the captain of the national team and helped them in qualifying for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

However, even with everything that GiorgiosKaragounis accomplished with Greece during his playing career, it seems like his relationship with the head chiefs of the national side isn’t very good as the former captain and manager of the Greece national team revealed details concerning things that happened involving him and the head chiefs.

It’s important to remember that when GiorgiosKaragounis decided to hang up his boots and retire, he later went on to become the manager of Greece but his time in charge didn’t last very long as he was sacked after suffering a fairly embarrassing home defeat against Faroe Islands which ultimately led with Karagounis being replaced by Sergio Markarian.

Karagounis stepped up as he had a few things to say concerning the Greece national side and he said: “The most striking thing is that since all of this first started I have kept seeing my professional dignity being tarnished in the media and nobody from the Greek football federation has bothered to contact me to tell me anything’’

“This is not consistent with my behavior over the years, especially towards the national team that I’ve served for 24 years. They should respect all these years that I’ve been involved.It’s so bad to let rumors and heresy continue with so many lies being bandied about and nobody responding to them.”

After having established a good relationship with the staff members of the Greece team, things began to turn ugly for Karagounis and his connection with the main head chiefs after he was dismissed from his managerial role which is disappointing and surprising news for someone who has contributed so much for the national side.