Giorgios Karagounis will start as Coach soon

Giorgios Karagounis has been a free agent since he was released by Fulham at the end of the previous season and a few months ago reports began emerging claiming that the former midfielder was thinking about making a return to the playing field but those rumors did not last very long as Karagounis is starting a career as a coach instead of a player.

The playing career of Karagounis has seen him performing with Inter Milan, Benfica and Fulham just to name a few of his clubs but it has been with his country where Karagounis has really managed to make an impact as Karagounis was the captain of Greece for over 2 years.

It seems unlikely that Karagounis is going to be joining another club as a player after news spread out confirming that he agreed a deal to become part of Claudio Ranieri’s coaching staff for Greece. Unfortunately for Claudio Ranieri, he was sacked after having lost a 2016 Euro’s qualification match against Faroe Islands on November 15.

Things aren’t going well for Greece in their 2016 Euro’s qualification campaign as the nation is located at the bottom of Group F after only being able to collect 1 point in the 4 matches that have been played. Originally, the objective of Karagounis was to help guide Greece past the group stages and earn their ticket to France which is the country that is going to be hosting the upcoming international competition.

There still are more than enough matches for Greece to earn their qualification ticket but it won’t happen if the nation continues struggling just trying to find an appropriate manager that can help out the national team.

Some time ago Karagounis was rumored to be interested or at least thinking about making a return to Fulham but those rumors emerged in September and nothing officially actually happened as Karagounis went on to join the coaching staff of Claudio Ranieri for Greece.